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Invictos USA fabricates and installs Granite, Quartzite, Marble and Quartz countertops. Each step is equally important, from the first visit to the client's house for measuring or templating, to the installation! Our fabrication team always adhere to the highest standards, meticulously measuring, inspecting, cutting and polishing all pieces, for a perfect final product and satisfied customers. Our installation team makes every effort to deliver the best result to our clients as quickly as possible, while following all required safety measures (including wearing masks!). We also perform removal of your existing countertops when requested.

We work directly with more than 15 slab suppliers, with infinite colors and options for all projects!

Replacing old cabinets will make your home feel like brand new! We supply high quality cabinets with soft close, available in the most popular colors and styles. Click here to check our available styles.

We also provide removal of your current cabinets and installation of cabinets purchased from other suppliers.


Countertops made with natural stones like Granite and Quartzite offer great durability, and if properly sealed and installed can last for many, many years. But even with their high strength and durability, daily wear and tear can damage the seal that was applied on your countertops, exposing the porous surface and making it susceptible to stains and damage. Resealing your natural stone countertops is an easy process that prevents damage and makes cleanup easier using only soap and water. If your countertops are scratched, looking dull or haven't been resealed for years, Invictos USA can help you maintain them and give them a fresh coat of sealant!


Even when taking good care of your countertops, they can chip, break, crack or scratch. The good news is in most cases, they can be fixed! Each problem has a different solution, using acrylic, adhesive, resin, epoxy and other methods. Contact us and send a few pictures for a free quote!

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